„Du und ich“: 4. Fotokunst- und Förderpreis des Evangelischen Kirchenkreises Halle-Saalkreis

Family Huseyin is the story of one individual Syrian family who lived days after days in fear and misery and now try to start a new life in Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey, after they have escaped the war at night. It is the struggle for survival of a mother and her daughters. Thousands of people have fled to Turkey, which borders Syria, in search security. The United Nations estimate that more than 220.000 people have been killed. Many million people have fled from Syria since the beginning of the war. Especially women and children. In crisis areas, it is often women and children who suffer most and experience violence, including rape and sexual slavery. According to the new figures from the United Nations is there an alarming rise in the number of Syrian refugee girls being forced into early marriages. Turkiye, Ruba, Fatma, Eye and Suhely had to flee Syria after the death of their husband and father. He was a policeman, they feared they would be kidnapped and killed as well. The family has experienced many awful moments. The result of these experiences are mental wounds. Mostly Eye and Fatma, as their stories are a powerful example of the wide reach of the horrors of war. Caption: Eye´s story is a powerful example of the wide reach of the horrors of war. The war has changed Eye´s personality, and altered her life. Nightmares have been plaguing her ever since she saw with her own eyes how people were beheaded in Aleppo on the street in broad daylight.

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